Submicroscopic Structure and Ultracytochemistry of Segmenting Rat Ova

  • Milan Dvořák
  • Jitka Šῐastná
Part of the Advances in Anatomy, Embryology and Cell Biology / Ergebnisse der Anatomie und Entwicklungsgeschichte / Revues d’anatomie et de morphologie expérimentale book series (ADVSANAT, volume 55/2)


This section surveys submicroscopic and ultracytochemical changes which the rat ovum undergoes during the process of cleavage and which, to a certain extent, are the expression of the first transformation of a mammalian embryo in the process of differentiation or — taking into account the marked developmental lability even at the end of the cleavage process — are, at least, not insignificant for future differentiation.


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  • Milan Dvořák
  • Jitka Šῐastná

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