An ontogenetic study of the central nervous system is an important tool for the understanding of its morphological and morpho-functional relations. Numerous qualitative results on the ontogenesis of the visual system can be found in the literature, but there are only very few quantitative results fulfilling the following parameters: (1) samples of sufficient size; (2) measurements considering results of stereology; (3) evaluation and interpretation performed with sound biomathematical methods; (4) quantitative results independent of the shrinkage caused by the histological technic. The first three demands can be fulfilled by using available computerized stereological and biomathematical methods (Kretschmann and Wingert, 1968, 1969a, b, c, 1971; Wingert, 1969; Zilles and Wingert, 1972; Zilles et al., 1976a, c, d).


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