Pharmacokinetic and Clinical Effects During the Predistribution Phase of Digoxin Treatment

  • P. Reissell
  • V. Manninen
  • O. Lokki
Conference paper
Part of the International Boehringer Mannheim Symposia book series (BOEHRINGER)


Pharmacokinetic studies with digoxin have shown that its distribution is rapid and corresponds to an open two-compartment model (Nyberg et al., 1974). Brock and Christensen (1974) have suggested that there might be a saturation of the receptor sites during maintenance therapy. Whether this postulate is merely an interesting excercise in theoretic pharmacokinetics or does, in fact, have practical implications in the clinical use of digoxin remains to be elucidated.


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  • V. Manninen
  • O. Lokki

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