DNA Cloning and the Analysis of Plasmid Structure and Function

  • K. N. Timmis
  • S. N. Cohen
  • F. C. Cabello
Part of the Progress in Molecular and Subcellular Biology book series (PMSB, volume 6)


Genetic recombination is the fundamental biological process of exchange of genetic information between different chromosomes. Its constant activity during evolution has enabled the large number of spontaneously occuring genetic changes that improve the fitness of individuals for their particular environments to accumulate in the most successful members of each biological species. Recombination has provided much of the foundation for the science of genetics; it has been exploited to great social benefit by plant and animal breeders and to great scientific benefit by classical and molecular geneticists. Although there is evidence that recombination between DNA segments that have little or no ancestral relationship can occur under some circumstances (Cohen, 1976; Starlinger and Saedler, 1976), “ordinary” or “generalized” re-combinational events commonly involve the reciprocal exchange of genetic material and require DNA sequence homology in the region of exchange. Thus, recombination in the laboratory between unrelated species of organisms having little DNA sequence homology is ordinarily not feasible. However, it has long been apparent that great benefits could be derived from intergeneric, as well as intrageneric, genetic manipulations.


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