Mitosis in vitro: Isolates and Models of the Mitotic Apparatus

  • J. R. McIntosh
  • C. Petzelt
Part of the Proceedings in Life Sciences book series (LIFE SCIENCES)


Mitosis in its broadest sense is the set of processes that occur to achieve the accurate segregation of the duplicate chromosomes during division of a eukaryotic cell. The set includes chromosome condensation, nuclear envelope breakdown, formation of the fibrous spindle with associated organization of the chromosomes into the metaphase configuration, the breaking of that arrangement with concomitant separation of the chromosomes, shortening of the chromosome-pole fibers and elongation of the spindle, the reformation of the nuclear envelope, decondensation of the chromosomes, and final dissolution of whatever spindle fibers remain. Because of the limits defined by present knowledge and my own point of view, this paper is addressed to a subset of the relevant processes: In vitro studies on spindle formation and dissolution and on chromosome movement.


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