Parenteral Nutrition for the Critically Ill Patient

  • M. H. Weil
  • V. Puri
Part of the Klinische Anästhesiologie und Intensivtherapie book series (KAI, volume 13)


For Dr. PURI and for me, I should like to adress myself especially to issues that have to do with parenteral nutrition in the critically ill patient, the patient who is acutely stressed and whose life is immediately threatened. This type of patient is in a complicated environment. The options that are at hand for maintaining nutrition are limited. They are limited in part because of the complexity of the bedside environment in which the patient is found, the complexity of the life-sustaining equipment. But most of all, it is the physical status of the patient which precludes oral alimentation. We select parenteral alimentation for the critically injured or ill patients who are found in our critical care units with head injury, hemothorax, obstruction or perforation of the intestine, rupture of abdominal aneurysm; in patients who are in acute cardiorespiratory failure, after cardiac arrest, or in patients with overwhelming infections (5)


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  • V. Puri

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