The Cyclopentenyl Fatty Acids

  • H. K. Mangold
  • F. Spener


The seeds of a great number of shrubs and trees belonging to the plant family Flacourtiaceae contain lipids that are characterized by their constituent cyclopentenyl fatty acids [25, 34, 47]. The oils extracted from Hydnocarpus Kurzii and Caloncoba echinata, called chaulmoogra oil and gorli oil, respectively, as well as those obtained from other Flacourtiaceae species, have been used for centuries in the treatment of leprosy [47]. Table 1 summarizes the systematic names of some members of the family Flacourtiaceae together with the names of the oils obtained from seeds of these plants. Also listed are some of the countries in which these plants are indigenous and those in which they have
Table 1

Some oils producing cyclopentenyl fatty acids [47]



Name of oil

Hydnocarpus anthelminthica


Lukrabo oil










U.S.A. (Hawaii)a


H. Kurzii (Taraktogenos Kurzii)


Chaulmoogra oil




India (Assam)




Brazil (Minas Gerais)a


U.S.A. (Hawaii)a


Caloncoba echinata


Gorli oil


Ivory Coast




Sierra Leone


Brazil (Sao Paulo)a




Carpotroche brasiliensis

Brazil (Bahia)

Sapocainha oil


(Espirito Santo)


(Minas Gerais)




(Rio de Janeiro)


(Sao Paulo)


a Introduced and cultivated

been introduced for cultivation on a large scale. For a review on the older literature on oils containing cyclopentenyl fatty acids the reader is referred to Ref. [47].


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