In Vivo Effect of Cyclic AMP and Related Drugs on Platelet Function

  • F. J. Pareti
  • P. M. Mannucci
Conference paper


Several inhibitors of platelet aggregation have been shown to increase the intracellular level of cyclic AMP in other tissues either by stimulation of adenylate cyclase (PGE1, adenosine, and isoprenaline) or by inhibition of cyclic AMP phosphodiesterase (Robinson et al., 1971). The existence of a hormonally responsive adenylate cyclase in platelets has also been reported in vitro. The inhibitory effect of PGE1, adenosine, and isoprenaline has been shown to be associated with an increase of intracellular formation of cyclic AMP. This effect is greatly enhanced by the simultaneous addition of an inhibitor of cyclic AMP phosphodiesterase, like papaverine, theophylline, and pyrimido-pyrimidine compounds (Mills and Smith, 1972).


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  • P. M. Mannucci

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