Ultrastructural Aspects of Georeceptors in Roots

  • A. Sievers
  • D. Volkmann
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The statocytes of the root caps are characterized by sedimentable amyloplasts as well as by a striking endoplasmatic reticulum. Those of Lepidium sativum L. are strongly polarized whereby the rough endoplasmatic reticulum (ER complex) is arranged at the distal cell pole. In normal position of the root, the amyloplasts are sedimented on it. Functional relationships between both organelles indicate that they bring about graviperception. After experimental influence on the root by rotation on clinostats and forced inversion, the original polarity of the statocytes remains basically unchanged. However, in addition to the distal ER complex, the formation of further ER complexes is inducible, depending on the direction of gravity. Abscisic acid inhibits the development of cell polarity. Long-term rotation on the classical clinostat and an electrical field disturb the polar arrangement of the cell organelles in the statocytes.


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