Sources of Extracerebellar Afferent Inputs to the Cerebellar Nuclei

  • Victoria Chan-Palay


Conceptually, this point represents the natural division of the contents of this volume. The preceding eight chapters have revealed the disposition of form and organization in the dentate nucleus by examination of it as a whole and of its elements in situ. The nucleus has been examined grossly, reconstructed, and placed on coordinates in preparation for experimentation. Its neurons and neuroglial cells have been measured, counted, and examined minutely with regard to their form and the organizational preference that each cell type exhibits in its relations with other cells. The foundation thus laid, and with the basic units composing the dentate now familiar, we are prepared for the next phase of study. The subsequent chapters comprise a series of investigations aimed at defining connectivities of dentate neurons: which is linked to what, how, where, and when? These questions necessitate first knowing the sources of informations impinging upon dentate neurons—the more complete the list, the greater our appreciation for dentate organization.


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