The Neuroglial Cells of the Dentate Nucleus

  • Victoria Chan-Palay


When histological sections of the cerebellar nuclei are scrutinized, the overwhelming impression is that a large number of myelinated axons and neuroglial cells are present. The neurons of the cerebellar nuclei are, in fact, embedded in both. Counts of neuroglial cells show 4.4×104 in each lateral nucleus in the rat and 7×l05 in the monkey, and neuroglial densities of 2.8×108 per cm3 and 8.8×107 per cm3 in these animals, respectively. Thus, the neuroglial density is much higher in the rat than in monkey. However, when the ratios of neuroglia to neurons in the dentate of each species are compared, the rat has a lower ratio (8.15:1) than the monkey (12.4:1). This indicates that with ascent in phylogeny, acquisition of neocortex, and increase in brain weight, as well as a general increase in neuronal numbers, there is a commensurately larger increase in numbers of neuroglial cells (see Chap. I for details).


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