The Neurons of the Dentate Nucleus: A Golgi Study

  • Victoria Chan-Palay


One of the earliest descriptions of neurons in the dentate nucleus can be found in Saccozzi’s study (1887) of the neonatal human cerebellum. The study was made with the newly discovered method which demonstrated not only the neuronal cell body but also its processes and which was described only a few years before by Golgi (1874). Golgi and Cajal applied the method extensively in their studies of the cerebellar cortex of mammals and birds (Golgi, 1874, 1883; Cajal, 1888a and b, 1909–1911). Until Saccozzi, however, little had been done on the deep cerebellar nuclei. As has already been mentioned, this author describe a scheme for classifying the cells of the dentate nucleus into two groups—large neurons with long axons and small neurons with short axons. A few years later, Lugaro (1895) made a fine study of the human dentate nucleus and again described the same two major classes of cells, confirming Saccozz’s original observations.


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