Axons of Dentate Neurons; Projectional and Intrinsic: Concepts and Cytology

  • Victoria Chan-Palay


Studies with orthograde axoplasmic transport of 35S-methionine injected into the dentate nucleus of rat and monkey show that dentatofugal projections spread abundantly into precisely organized distribution patterns on the cerebellar cortex and numerous brain stem and diencephalic regions (Chap. XIII, summarized in Figs. 13-1, 13-11 b and 13-18). A major concern of this book is elucidating the organization of individual neural elements in these connections. Which dentate neurons are connected where, how, and what do they do, and what architectural principles might be derived that may be applicable in studies elsewhere in the central nervous system? In order to examine some of these aspects more closely, I have chosen to illustrate certain organizational principles of cerebellar connectivity by using the example of the cerebello-inferior olivary circuit.


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