Efferent Connections of the Dentate Nucleus

  • Victoria Chan-Palay


The literature on the connections of the cerebellar nuclei with the rest of the brain is extensive. The anatomical studies have been reviewed in an excellent chapter by Larsell and Jansen (1972) and both anatomical and physiologic studies were covered by Evarts and Thach (1969). The present chapter will be concerned particularly with the course and terminal projections of the fibers from the dentate nucleus, and when necessary with the projections from both the dentate and interpositus nuclei. (For specific connections of the interpositus and fastigial nuclei, see Angaut, 1969, 1970; Angaut and Bowsher, 1970; reviewed in Larsell and Jansen, 1972, and Martin et al., 1974). Since the earlier literature on cerebellofugal projections has been so adequately reviewed in the works mentioned above, the following sections will cover only a small number of pertinent recent studies.


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