The Corticonuclear Projection from Purkinje Cells to the Dentate Nucleus

  • Victoria Chan-Palay


It will be recalled from previous chapters that the axons of Purkinje cells in the cortex provide the overwhelming input to the somata and proximal dendrites of all dentate nucleus neurons and a less sizeable one to the more distal parts of the dendritic arbor. This chapter will be concerned with the organization of these Purkinje cell axons in the dentate nucleus. Collectively, the entire Purkinje cell axonal population is termed the corticonuclear projection as it is the only output of the cerebellar cortex and the major input to the deep cerebellar and certain vestibular nuclei. Although this book is not concerned with the tracing of the corticonuclear inputs to the nuclei per se, it will be useful to review briefly the basic plan of cerebellar corticonuclear projections and some of the pertinent literature on the subject. However, only projections to the dentate and interpositus nuclei can be considered here.


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