Lipases and Lipoproteins

  • W. V. Brown
  • W. Shaw
  • M. Baginsky
  • J. Boberg
  • J. Augustin


The degradation of triglyceride-rich plasma lipoproteins and the uptakeof their lipid constituents by tissues is dependent on enzymaticactivities which reside on or near the luminal surface of the capillary endothelium. Intravenous heparin injection releases a group of lipid hydrolyzing activities that are not normally present in plasma. As a result, the study of postheparin lipolytic activities (PHLA) has occupied many investigators for more than three decades.


Lipolytic Activity Triglyceride Lipase Hepatic Triglyceride Lipase Postheparin Plasma Fatty Acyl Coenzyme 
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  • W. V. Brown
  • W. Shaw
  • M. Baginsky
  • J. Boberg
  • J. Augustin

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