CSF Resistance to Flow as an Aid to Diagnosis of Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus

  • Pierre Janny
  • Bernard Flori
  • Jean-Patrice Jouan
  • Laurent Janny
Conference paper


Pneumoencephalography (PEG) and isotope cisternography (IC) are sometimes unable to differentiate patients who will benefit from a shunt from those psychiatric patients who show enlarged ventricles and normal ICP. With the assumption that there exists an impairment of the CSF circulation in these patients, it would be interesting to examine whether the measurement of the CSF resistance to flow (Rf), as we have previously studied (1), would be an aid to this diagnosis.


Infusion test resistance to flow Alzheimer’ disease normal pressure hydrocephalus 


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  • Pierre Janny
  • Bernard Flori
  • Jean-Patrice Jouan
  • Laurent Janny

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