Landscape Ecology and Land Conditions

  • A. P. A. Vink
Part of the Advanced Series in Agricultural Sciences book series (AGRICULTURAL, volume 1)


Land resources—climate, geological formations, soils etc.—are natural phenomena and as such are interesting objects of study for the natural sciences. Each phenomenon is studied on a world-wide basis by a separate discipline, and every year new data on the composition and genesis of each of these land attributes are collected. Their interrelationships are also often found to be of considerable scientific interest, e.g. for the study of paleoclimates and of paleosols. The scientific data thus collected are eventually applied for land use purposes. The development of applied sciences depends heavily upon the support of the related “pure” sciences. Also, interdisciplinary problems can only be solved if the related monodisciplinary sciences are based upon sound principles.


Landscape Ecology Land Degradation Land Resource Land Condition Land System 
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