The Photomorphogenic Pigment Phytochrome: A Membrane Effector?

  • M. Weisenseel
  • W. Haupt


When investigating the action of external or internal factors controlling plant growth and development, one is always faced with the problem of whether the primary effect is, roughly speaking, biochemical or biophysical in nature, i.e. either a regulation of enzyme synthesis or activity, or a change in cell structure and ultrastructural cell organization. In both hormone and light physiology, there is good evidence for biochemical as well as for biophysical processes as the primary effects. A very preliminary and rough separation can be derived from the kinetics of a response: whenever the response appears within minutes or even seconds, a purely biochemical effect is improbable. But premature generalization should be avoided.


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  • M. Weisenseel
  • W. Haupt

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