The Natural History of Experimentally Induced Mural Thrombi in Systemic Arteries of Normocholesterolaemic and Hypercholes — Terolaemic Monkeys

  • Kesavan Prathap
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The natural history of arterial thrombi has been studied many times with the hope that the end result would be morphologically identical to atheromatous plaques. However, these studies have led to conflicting results (Harrison, 1948; Friedman and Byers, 1961; Hand and Chandler, 1962; Ardlie and Schwartz, 1968), and have been subject to the criticism that the experimental animal used has been a small animal which has little similarity to man. Also, many of the earlier workers had used emboli derived from blood clot rather than platelet-rich thrombi, and most of the observations had been made on the pulmonary arteries where the arterial pressure is much lower than in systemic arteries. There are two reports of thrombi in systemic arteries of swine (Jorgensen et al., 1967; Woolf et al., 1968) but these include only the early natural history, the oldest thrombi being four months and one month respectively.


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