Etiology of Myointimal Cell Proliferation

  • Clarke Stout
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Although many investigators feel that fatty streaks are the primary precursors of myointimal cell plaques, several extensive studies of atherosclerosis in humans suggest that this is not the case (Mitchell and Schwartz, 1965; McGill et al., 1969). Our studies indicate that fatty streaks and myointimal cell plaques also have a different pathogenesis in the aortas of captive wild animals. For example, myointimal cell plaques were found in the aortas of 11 out of 12 seals and sea lions. These plaques were located around branch orifices, particularly in the abdominal segments, and occupied up to 11% of the total intimal surface, but no appreciable lipid could be demonstrated by Sudan IV or Oil Red 0 staining. About half of these animals were juveniles or adolescents and the remainder were young adults or adults. The extent of myointimal cell plaques was positively related to age (Stout, 1969).


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