Aortic Uptake of Chylomicron Triglyceride in Vivo and Aortic Lipo-Protein Triglyceride Lipase in Rat

  • Alan Vost
  • Dorothy M.-E. Pocock
Conference paper


In humans, high dietary fat intake is associated with high fasting serum cholesterol and a high incidence of ischemic heart disease. It is generally assumed that this effect of exogenous lipid on the arterial wall is mediated by its effect on serum cholesterol. However it remains possible that dietary fat may have an independent effect on the arterial wall. The possible uptake of the major lipid of chylomicrons, triglyceride, by rat aorta in vivo was examined for this reason.


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  • Alan Vost
  • Dorothy M.-E. Pocock

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