A Comparison of the Rates of Lipolysis and Lipogenesis in the Rat Aorta

  • C. H. Gilbert
  • D. J. Galton
Conference paper


Many external factors such as hypertriglyceridaemia and hypercholesterolaemia may be involved in the deposition of subintimal lipid in the arteries of susceptible animals. But the aorta wall can synthesise neutral and phospholipids de novo; and the pathways for synthesis of neutral lipid in rat aorta are similar to liver and adipose tissue (Stein et al., 1963). The contribution that de novo lipogenesis makes to the atheromatous plaque is not clear. However, one local tissue factor that may be of importance for the accumulation of subintimal lipid is the relative rates of lipid synthesis and mobilisation of lipids by lipolysis. We have, therefore, compared the rates of lipogenesis from glucose in the rat aorta to the maximal rates of lipolysis of glycerolipids produced by stimulation with catecholamines.


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  • D. J. Galton

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