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Critique and Summary

  • F. Holle


Non-resecting therapy in surgical treatment of GDU will be successful if due regard is given to the following statements:
  • Only true cases with GDU disease may be operated on. For this must be a sure proof by prehistory, X-ray and endoscopic examination and by secretory tests.

  • The most secure procedure of antrum — retaining operations is selective proximal vagotomy (SPV) combined with pyloroplasty based on form and function.

  • SPV is the most effective form of vagotomy since it brings about Insulin-negative behaviour (after Ross and Kay criteria) for longer than 3 months to 3 years in 78% of cases.

  • This is possible if the standardized technique described in the pages 168–173 is performed. Perfect technique of SPV is the keypoint of successful nonresecting Ulcer-Surgery.

  • If standard technique of SPV is applied a drainage procedure adjusted to the single case may not be omitted. This has been proved by clinical, X-ray and endoscopic observation over 10 years and by experimental examinations of motility and secretion with different parameters. Not every parameter produces full evidence.

  • When the advantages of the method SPV + pyloroplasty are scored against the disadvantages for 18 criteria (Table 1), the 60 plus points clearly outweigh the 32 minus points.


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