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SPV and Pyloroplasty in Ulcer Disease

a Follow-up Study of 1105 Successive Cases from the Munich-University-Policlinic, Dep. of Surgery 1964–1974
  • F. Holle
  • H. Bauer


This report deals with selective proximal vagotomy and pyloroplasty in the treatment of ulcer disease. In a 10-year period (Jan. 1st 1964 to Sept. 15th 1973) 1105 vagotomies were carried out (Table 1 ) 81% were performed as SPV, primarily in gastro-duodenal ulcer, but also as a supporting procedure in hiatal hernia, cardiospasm, erosive gastritis and stomal ulcer (Table 2). Of 892 ulcers, including elective and emergency cases, 790 were treated by SPV and pyloroplasty (88%). These nonresecting procedures were evaluated by clinical examination, X-ray, endoscopy and gastric hormonal and secretory studies. The results were obtained by personal examinations, questionnaries, communications from referring physicians and in some cases from other hospitals.


Duodenal Ulcer Hiatal Hernia Oral Glucose Tolerance Test Recurrent Ulcer Gastroduodenal Ulcer 
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  • H. Bauer

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