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Morphology of Gastric Parietal and Zymogen Cells

  • H. F. Helander


The parietal cells are believed to produce HCl; they are present at all levels of the gastric fundus glands (fig. 1) and in exceptional cases even on the surface of the mucosa. They are most frequent in the mid-portion of the glands, where they are interspersed among other gland cells. The parietal cells are often peripheral to other gland cells and are connected to the lumen of the main gland by an intercellular canal. The cells received their name from their parietal position. In paraffin sections the cells appear eosinophilic. A finely granular, diastase-resistant, fairly weak staining with PAS (6) probably reflects the presence of small amounts of mucus in the cytoplasm. With special staining techniques intracellular secretory canaliculi can be demonstrated; this feature is unique among mammalian cells.


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