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Clinical Aspects of Vagotomy

  • F. Holle


Precise nomenclature is an important part of scientific communication. By “precise” we mean that the terminology must be objectively correct and the words easy to understand. After having developed a reliable technique for the proximal denervation of the stomach, I suggested in 1964 that this technique be called “selective proximal vagotomy” because the operation is concerned with the use of a specific preparatory technique ( = selective) to free the proximal stomach region ( = proximal) from all nerves and vessels leading to it, whereby it is of particular importance to remove the vagal nerve fibers ( = vagotomy). The designation fulfills the criteria of being objective and comprehensible. In addition, its abbreviation, SPV, can be understood in most European languages.


Duodenal Ulcer Parietal Cell Combine Operation Gastroduodenal Ulcer Selective Vagotomy 
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