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Etiology of the Stress Ulcer

  • G. Feifel


In contrast to peptic ulcer, “stress ulcer” is recognized almost solely from its complications. Criteria of stress-induced gastroduodenal mucosal defects are:
  1. a)

    lack of any case history of ulcers

  2. b)

    occurrence after severe stress situations

  3. c)

    acute appearance without warning symptoms

  4. d)

    indicating symptom: gastrointestinal hemorrhage

  5. e)

    predominantly multiple damage of the mucous membrane

  6. f)

    atypical localization

  7. g)

    absence of scar tissue.



Gastric Mucous Membrane Multiple Trauma Mucosal Defect Craniocerebral Trauma Atypical Localization 
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