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Effect of Pyloroplasty on Gastric Secretion after SPV and SV in Dogs

  • F. Holle
  • F. Okukubo


The safest way to eliminate the cephalic phase alone is to carry out complete SPV (cf. p. 69). This procedure also allows examination of the gastric phase alone. The controlling impulse of the gastric phase is gastrin. Feeding is its most physiological stimulus. Feeding of a selectively proximally denervated stomach is a method for determining gastrin release and obtaining information on the gastric phase. The amount of gastrin released is the only measure of the response of the gastrin cells to the gastrin-regulating factors that still influence the antrum after SPV. These are:
  1. 1.

    distention of the antrum

  2. 2.

    pH milieu on the antral mucosa

  3. 3.

    vagal-antral gastrin release

  4. 4.

    number and expansion of gastrin-cells.



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