The Use of Data on Eggs and Larvae for Estimating Spawning Stock of Fish Populations with Demersal Eggs

  • J. Gjøsaeter
  • R. Saetre


The usual methods of estimating the abundance of fish stocks are by fishery statistics, tagging experiments, acoustic surveys, and counting the spawning products. Hensen and Apstein (1897) first suggested the last method and Hart and Tester (1934) were probably the first to count demersal fish eggs in the British Columbia herring, which spawns between or just below tidal levels. Runnstrøm (1941) estimated the number of eggs on the offshore spawning grounds of Norwegian spring spawning herring, and used his results for estimating spawning stock size. Similar estimates have been reported for Canadian Pacific herring by Stevenson and Outram (1953) and Taylor (1963) and for Clyde herring by Parrish et al. (1959).


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