Regional Differences in β-Adrenergic Effects on Local Cerebral Blood Flow and Adrenergic Innervation

  • J. Seylaz
  • P. Aubineau
  • L. Edvinsson
  • H. Mamo
  • K. C. Nielsen
  • C. Owman
  • R. Sercombe


Although it is now well documented (6, 8) that pial as well as intracerebral vessels are amply supplied with sympathetic adrenergic nerves which, as shown for pial arteries, fulfill ultra-structural (5) as well as pharmacologic (7) criteria for a true vasomotor innervation, the role of these fibers in the regulation of cerebral blood flow (CBF) remains a subject of considerable controversy. One reason is the inability of some investigators to obtain measurable changes in CBF after administration of sympathomimetic compounds; when an alteration is observed, the compound is assumed to have acted indirectly through modifications of brain metabolism.


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  • J. Seylaz
  • P. Aubineau
  • L. Edvinsson
  • H. Mamo
  • K. C. Nielsen
  • C. Owman
  • R. Sercombe

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