Translational Control in Eukaryotic Organisms

  • William A. Strycharz
  • Marjut Ranki
  • Kjeld A. Marcker
Part of the Colloquium der Gesellschaft für Biologische Chemie 26.–28. April 1973 in Mosbach/Baden book series (MOSBACH, volume 24)


The identification of bacterial initiation factors has been pursued for several years; the elucidation of the precise roles of these factors in protein biosynthesis is now reasonably well established. During the past few years, considerable effort has been directed toward the search for similar factors from mammalian systems. These investigations have further supported the conclusion that protein synthesis in prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms involves essentially similar mechanisms.


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  • William A. Strycharz
    • 1
  • Marjut Ranki
    • 1
  • Kjeld A. Marcker
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  1. 1.Department of Molecular BiologyAarhus UniversityAarhusDenmark

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