Climate and Irrigation

  • M. Fuchs
Part of the Ecological Studies book series (ECOLSTUD, volume 5)


Irrigation is an agricultural practice designed to supplement a deficiency of climate: the imbalance between the water supplied by precipitation and the evaporative demands of the atmosphere. During a period of rainfall the soil stores a certain quantity of the supplied water. When the rain ceases, evapotranspiration reduces the stored water. If the rate of depletion by evapotranspiration is such that the water status of the soil reaches a critical level for plant growth, the need for irrigation arises. In this context it is obvious that the impact of climate on the water balance of crops, and thus on irrigation, depends upon the physical properties of the soil and the water physiology of the crop. Nevertheless, it is possible to define, in broad terms, the dependence of irrigation requirements upon the type of climate.


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