Hormonal Regulation of Leaf Senescence in Intact Plants

  • R. A. Fletcher
  • N. O. Adedipe


Decreasesin the levels of chlorophyll, protein and RNA are the prominent symptoms of leaf senescence. In detached leaves or leaf discs these symptoms can be delayed by the application of growth substances, including cytokinins (Richmond and Lang, 1957; Letham, 1967), auxins (Osborne and Hallaway, 1964), or gibberellins (Fletcher and Osborne, 1966; Beevers, 1966). The effectiveness of any one or combinations of these compounds is dependent on species and age of the leaf. Senescence of Taraxacum (Fletcher and Osborne, 1966) and nasturtium (Beevers, 1966) leaves can be delayed with application of GA or cytokinins and it has been shown that the senescence of these leaves is associated with an endogenous deficiency of these hormones (Fletcher et al., 1969; Chin and Beevers, 1970).


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  • R. A. Fletcher
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  • N. O. Adedipe
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  1. 1.Department of BotanyUniversity of GuelphGuelphCanada

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