Studies on the Action of Ethylene in Physiological Processes of Plant Cells

  • Jack G. Valdovinos
  • Leland C. Ernest
  • Thomas E. Jensen


The effects of ethylene in lowering levels of auxin diffusing through plant tissues are well known (Laan, 1934; Michener, 1938; Guttenberg and Steinmetz, 1947; Morgan and Gausman, 1966; Burg and Burg, 1967; Valdovinos, Ernest, and Henry, 1967). The manner in which the gas influences levels of diffusible auxin in plant cells is not entirely clear. In a brief report (Valdovinos, Ernest, and Henry, 1967) we have already presented some evidence correlating low levels of diffusible auxin in ethylene treated tissue with decreased auxin formation by enzyme bries from the same tissue. The studies have been expanded in an attempt to correlate several facets of auxin metabolism, auxin biosynthesis, conjugation, and destruction — with levels of extract-able and diffusible auxin in the leaf and stem tissue.


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  • Jack G. Valdovinos
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  • Leland C. Ernest
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  • Thomas E. Jensen
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  1. 1.Department of Biological Sciences Herbert H. Lehman College of the City University of New York Bedford Park BlvdWest BronxUSA

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