Neurophysiological Aspects of Mental Phenomena and Some New Trends in Therapy of Brain Disorders

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  • N. P. Bechtereva
Conference paper


Attempts to discover the essence of the connection of the human brain with its higher functions are known to have begun already in ancient times. The logical conclusions of that period, however, were not even the “prehistory” of the problem. The premise for the idea of the physiologieal study of the mental processes in man was the consideration of these phenomena by Sechenov and the Pavlovian period of analysis of the pathology of the higher nervous activity in man based on the data obtained from the conditioning experiments with animals. The clinical-physiological studies of the 19th–20th centuries started to gather facts on the connection between various human brain areas and mental phenomena (Korsakov, S. S., 1890; Bechterew, W. M., 1900; Foerster and Gagel, 1933; Alpers, 1937; and many others).


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