Effect of Other Hormones Upon Resistance

  • Hans Selye


The influence of ACTH upon various actions of mineralocorticoids (Selye C92,918/61, p. 18; G60,083/70, pp. 328–332) and MAD (Selye G60,083/70, pp. 328, 330) has been discussed elsewhere. Let us add here that in rats ACTH (like adrenocortical extract) antagonizes many manifestations of overdosage with DOC, such as the: hypernatremia, EST-elevation, and insulin hypersensitivity, as well as the hyalinosis syndrome produced after uninephrectomy + NaCl. Conversely, the hyalinosis elicited by MAD is actually aggravated by ACTH. This singular “DOC-like” effect is presumably due to the inhibition by MAD of 11β-hydroxylation in the adrenals; in the presence of this enzymic defect the corticotrophic action of ACTH shifts towards an excess secretion of DOC which has no 11β-OH group.


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