Renal Transplantation

  • Donald C. Martin
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Successful transplantation of a vascular parenchymal organ depends upon the surgeon’s ability to reconstruct the blood supply system. Thus the story of renal transplantation actually begins early in this century with the development of vascular anastomosis by Ullmann, Carrel and Guthrie (Ullmann [246]; Carrel, 1906 [42]). Alexis Carrel was a surgeon of great imagination and manual dexterity who did much of his work at the Rockefeller Institute in New York (Smith [216]). These men performed autotransplantations and homo-transplantations of kidneys in laboratory animals, principally dogs and cats, and proved the lifesupporting capacity of the autotransplant (Carrel, 1910 [41]). Carrel received a Nobel Prize for his achievements.


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