The Electronic Structures of Disordered Materials

  • Morrel H. Cohen


A brief review is given of current understanding of the electronic structures of disordered materials, with emphasis on work by the author and his associates. Formal arguments are omitted; simple physical arguments are used instead to build up a coherent conceptual structure. Disordered materials are briefly introduced followed by the notion of universal features in the electronic structures of classes of materials. These are summarized for crystals, and an elementary semiclassical argument is used to elicit them for disordered materials. The basic band model for disordered materials is introduced and used to explain the basic experimental facts about amorphous semiconductors. The history of localization theory, which gives the formal justification of the basic band model, is then reviewed and its present status assessed. Eggarter’s theory of electron mobility of gaseous He is reviewed. Some recent results on localization in one dimension are presented and discussed. Localized states found by Eggarter and Kirkpatrick for lattices with vacancies are also discussed. Both the one-dimensional and the vacancy results shed light on the Cohen-Sak theory of the metal-semiconductor transition in disordered materials. Mott hopping between localized states in disordered materials is next reviewed, with application to the properties of homogeneously stacked organic or metallo-organic salts. Finally, remarks are made on the relevance of these considerations for the theory of metal-ammonia solutions.


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