Metal-Ammonia Solutions VIII.Infrared Spectroscopy of the Solvent

  • P. F. Rusch
  • J. J. Lagowski


The infrared absorption spectra of liquid ammonia and of lithium- and potassium-ammonia solutions at low temperatures have been obtained in the 3μ region. A spectrophotometric cell employing sapphire windows sealed to pyrex was used in the investigation. The envelope of strongly overlapping bands in the 3 μ region has been mathematically resolved into three components which are assigned to 2v 4, v 1, and v 3 in order of increasing energy. The N-H stretching frequency of the solvent was observed to shift to lower energy with increasing concentration of both lithium and potassium. The shift is independent of the metal in solution over the concentration range from 0.005 M to 0.05 M. Results are interpreted in terms of new solvent-containing species in the presence of solvated electrons. Solvent molecules in these species are polarized by the solvated electron and show weakened N-H bonds in the presence of increased electron density.


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  • J. J. Lagowski

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