Glycopeptide Pattern of the Polymeric Macromolecular Complex of the Stroma Layers and of the Endothelial Basement Membrane (Descemet’s Membrane) of the Embryonic and Postnatal Calf Cornea

  • M. Moczar
  • E. Moczar


We reported previously that the extracellular matrix of a connective tissue may be characterized by the ratio of the heterosaccharides (of the structural glycoproteins) to glycosaminoglycans and to hydroxylysineglycosides of collagen (Robert et al., 1965; Moczar and Moczar, 1970a; Moczar et al., 1970; Robert and Robert, 1970).


Sugar Carbohydrate Citrate Lysine Macromolecule 


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