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Talc Peritonitis and Salpingo-Oopheritis in the Absence of Surgical Intervention: Report of Two Cases with 12-Year Follow-up

  • F. Naftolin
  • K. Benirschke
  • K. Griffiths
  • W. Henderson
  • B. Volcani


The incidence of talc-related intraperitoneal disease is generally considered to have peaked and waned with the incrimination of their use as surgical glove lubricants and attempts to replace talc with starch [2,12]. However, these measures have been only partially successful [5, 9, 19] and talc continues as an infrequently reported cause of intraperitoneal disease [16]. In addition, several groups have proposed a role for talc in the genesis of gynecologic cancers [1,4,6,10,13].


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  • F. Naftolin
  • K. Benirschke
  • K. Griffiths
  • W. Henderson
  • B. Volcani

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