A New Approach to Experimental Pancreatic Islet Transplatation: Ultraviolet Irradiation

  • H. Lau
  • K. Reemtsma
  • M. A. Hardy
Conference paper


Pharmacological immunosuppression has been relatively ineffective in preventing pancreatic islet allograft rejection. Although antilymphocyte serum (ALS) and antithymocyte serum (ATS) were, on occasion, found to be effective in the prevention of islet allograft rejection (Reckard et al. 1973; Finch and Morris 1977; Nelken et al. 1976), and recent studies with the use of cyclosporin, with or without ALS (Rynasiewicz et al. 1980, 1982), have also increased islet allograft survival in experimental models, no pharmacological immunosuppression has been effective in inducing indefinite acceptance od islet allograft.


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  • K. Reemtsma
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