Cyclosporin A in Heart Allografts in Rats

  • W. Konertz
  • A. Bernhard
Conference paper


Temporarry treatment of heart-grafted rats with cyclosporin A (CyA) has resulted in indefinite allograft survival in certain combinations (Kavahara et al. 1980; Nagao at el. 1982). However, in the BN-LEW and DA-LEW combination we were unable to obtain graft acceptance after a course of 15 mg CyA p.o. given 14 days postoperatively. Liver grafts in these combinations and with identical treatment showed tolerance (Engemann et al. 1982; Konertz et al. 1984). This led us to change the treatment protocol stepwise and alter the dose of CyA and the route of administration, to apply donor and recipient pretreatment, and to use combinations with acetysalicylate (ASA), which has shown its immunosuppressive effect in previous studies (Jamieson et al. 1979; Konertz et al. 1980).


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  • A. Bernhard

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