Cell Populations of the Respiratory System: Interspecies Diversity in Composition, Distribution, and Morphology

  • C. G. Plopper
  • A. Weir
  • J. St. George
  • N. Tyler
  • A. Mariassy
  • D. Wilson
  • S. Nishio
  • D. Cranz
  • J. Heidsiek
  • D. Hyde
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A major site for pulmonary injury resulting from exposure to environmental toxicants is the epithelial lining of respiratory airways. This appears to be the case for a wide range of compounds that have been tested for their toxicity to the respiratory system, whether these compounds are administered by inhalation or other systemic means. The extrapolation to humans of inhalation toxicology studies using animal models assumes comparability in the structure and function of the respiratory system of these model species and humans. The underlying assumption is that data obtained in model species can be extrapolated to humans. The primary consideration of this study is that the tracheobronchial epithelium of most mammalian species commonly used as models may not adequately reflect the condition in human conducting airways. This study focuses on the epithelial population lining the tracheobronchial airways (trachea, bronchi, and bronchioles) of the mammalian respiratory system.


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  • D. Wilson
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  • S. Nishio
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