The Physics of the Z-, W-, and Higgs Bosons

  • Otto Nachtmann
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With the proton-antiproton storage ring Sp\(\bar p \)S at CERN, the Tevatron at FNAL, SLC at SLAC, and the new accelerators under construction LEP and HERA), we are venturing into energy ranges where the production of Z- and W-bosons is possible. These bosons were actually discovered in 1983 in experiments at the Sp\(\bar p \)S ring at CERN. In this chapter we will first delineate the basic properties of the Z- and W- bosons and then move on to discuss their production in p \(\bar p \) collisions. For the Higgs boson, which has not yet been discovered, we will present a few of the predictions of the standard model.


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