The Discipline of Ethics

  • S. Gorovitz
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There is much talk about ethics in public discussion and also in various professional circles, but there seems to be very little explicit discussion of what ethics is. It might be useful to start there. Ethics is about interpersonal relationships, about how people and the institutions they constitute ought to behave toward one another. Ethics is therefore rooted in concern with peoples' individual and collective needs, aspirations, and values, and it requires a sensitive understanding of what those are. What is often overlooked is that ethics is autonomous. Ethical questions cannot be resolved simply on the basis of an appeal to the facts of psychology, economics, law, sociology, or any other discipline. It is its own enterprise. Ethics is not a list of right actions and wrong actions, or a set of moral prescriptions and prohibitions. It is, instead, a discipline concerned with principles and with the quality of moral reasoning.


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