Some results of mobile measurements of the influence of the town Sofia on air pollution in the surrounding area

  • Vassil Andreev
Conference paper
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (volume 8)


During the Complex Air Pollution Experiment carried out in two monthly periods (20.XI.-20.XII.1981 and 15.VI.-15.VII.1982), hereinafter conventionally named “winter” and “summer” periods, 62 and 104 air samples respectively were taken by laboratory car at different distances on the lee side of Sofia — the largest Bulgarian city and industrial center. These measurements aimed at investigating the influence that this large town has on the air pollution of the surrounding area. Wind data are a decisive factor for this type of investigations, therefore data processing started with a test in order to ascertain that a given sample had been taken on the lee side of the town. First of all, the azimuth and the distances of the observational points have been precisely defined by maps.


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