The Acute Abdomen — Abscesses, Hematomas, and Postoperative Collections

  • Francis S. Weill


I will describe in this chapter the various ultrasonic abnormalities arising in the case of the clinical condition commonly called the “acute abdomen” or “abdominal emergency” (what is an emergency? for me it is a clinical condition requiring immediate diagnosis and treatment). Some of these abnormalities have already been studied in previous chapters, for instance acute cholecystitis and pancreatitis, or splenic infarcts. These will be dealt only briefly here. I will also set guidelines, clinical and technical, for assessing the acute abdomen, a process requiring a rapid and sure diagnosis, which for the experienced clinical ultrasound imager (can one aspire to be an imager without being a clinician? I don’t think so) represents the most challenging and rewarding part of his or her activity. The reputation of an ultrasound department, whether in a hospital or small clinic, depends to a large extent upon the quality of its emergency examinations.


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