Management Strategy for R & D and Industrial Policy



In today’s chemical industry, research and development — the process of seeking out new technology for the twenty-first century — has become an integral part of management strategy. Indeed, prompting new business on the basis of the creative R & D of individual firms is a major trend in Japan. Therefore, the most effective managers will be those who train and motivate competent researchers and technocrats, and give them opportunities to exploit their capabilities. The Japanese chemical industry would benefit greatly if joint national research projects were arranged on the basis of cooperation among government, industry, and academia. This is also true for the Chemical Society of Japan. Everything possible should be done to: (1) deepen relationships among the Federation of Technological Management of the Chemical Industry, the Chemical Society of Japan, and other professional associations; (2) strengthen ties between government and industry; and (3) raise the level of cooperative efforts between industry and educational institutions.


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